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RE: quattro-digest V4 #2427

I had my uniden hardwired in and mounted beside rear vision mirror at top of
windscreen. Done when my cellphone kit was installed. The A-pillar trim is
held in place by three clips equispaced along its longitudinal length and
should be removable by pulling the trim directly away from the pillar. Be
careful though because I have just discovered the guy who did this broke one
of the clips off and the trim doesn't fit quite as firmly as it should. I
found this when I removed the trim to clean out cobwebs that kept appearing
at the top from a very industrious little spider (nothing to do with
torsens!! :) )


'96 A4 1.8Tq mtm 187hp remus k&n T - spiderless once more

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Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 19:14:27 -0400
From: usawctchair@juno.com (Gary M Whipple)
Subject: Re: Valentine 1 Install

thanks for the info!  I can't open drawings with Juno mail, so I'll have
to  forward it to work and try there.  If the drawing doesn't address how
to take the A pillar cover off, could you please help me there?