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Re: On the subject of Jaguars ...

>A ten-year-old ur-quattro can outdrag a new Jaguar XJSport 3.2 litre,
>but only just.   Mind you, the quattro had a passenger, a full fuel tank
>and half a ton of tools and spares in the boot.
>It was a close-run thing until we came to the traffic islands.  Then we
>showed him a thing or two.
OTOH, if you just bought a new Jag, would you go drag racing it?  Not
exactly the stereotypical Jag owner image...

>Audi quattro drivers don't overtake trucks on blind bends, though.
>As Roger said: "Just remember how much he paid to be humilated by a
>ten-year-old car."
Yes, but on the other hand, the UrQ wasn't voted "Sexiest Car" by various
women's magazines(ie, "Sexiest for a guy to own".)  Ever :)

Hee hee...I love embarassing lexus/infiniti owners.  It's funny to see the
looks on their faces when "that old Owdie somethin er other" blows their
$50k doors off.  Even more fun when it's wet...their fancy traction control
can't help 'em worth diddly.

Phil, I have no idea how old you are so I'll substitute 40; what was your
40->18 time on that run? :)

BTW, speaking of informal drags, has anyone ever verified Audi's claim of
6.5 seconds for the 0-60 on a 200q 20v?  I remember several car mags tried,
but got times that were more like 6.7 and 7.2.  I suspect most of it was
due to outside air temps and heat soak...

91 200q 20v

Brett Dikeman
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