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yikes! melted/charred rad. fan connector!

Here I am, next weekend!

I picked my Coupe up from the tinters today, and on the way 
down the street, I notice my water temp is higher than it's 
ever been.  One space away from H!

So, something's not right.  I try running the heater, but it 
doesn't really have an effect. (and it ain't no picnic running 
the heater midday in AZ's 109f or whatever temp, and not being 
able to roll the windows down because they just got tinted!)

I pull over and shut it down.  I notice the freakin' fan isn't 
coming on.  The engine's definitely hot enough for the after-run 
fan to kick on.

So, I jiggle the wires at the connector and it comes on.  I let 
it blow for a while, then I start the car to let the coolant 
circulate a bit.  The temp gauge is back at the halfway point, 
but the fan is not running when the engine is running.

I shut it down and inspect all the fuses that appear to be for 
the fan.  All are OK, so I pull the boot off the back of the 
wires going to the fan motor.  I find that the ground wire is 
rather cooked and frail.

In the past, I damaged the plastic connector a bit (namely one 
of the locking tabs broke).  I also pulled on of the wires out 
by accident, and had to put a different crimp connector on it.
That was the ground.

Anyway, I got it rigged so that it works, and already ordered 
a new connector and ends from the dealer.

What I'm going to do now is fix it with some crimp connectors, 
and I'd like to put a fuse inline.  It's my understanding that 
there is no fuse from the factory, right?  (I'm scared that my 
"hot" wire will come off and hit ground and my car will pull a 
"Phil" on me (no offense, Phil), since I have no connector any 
more)  I will have it rigged with just two regular female spade

So, when I do this, I can use a 30 amp fuse, right?  And there 
already is a relay, so I don't have to add one of those?

I'm on my way to browse Huw's site to see if he's got something 
one this there.

Thanks for any input.

(I think my car is doing this just 'coz I got it tinted instead 
of fixing the miscellaneous maintenance stuff)

p.s.  Damn, I just did go to his site, and it looks like I need an 
80 amp fuse or circuit breaker?!  Back to the drawing board (dealer).