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Turbo mag's twin turbo Dodge ram

>Before doing that, consider a new IC.  I'm looking for one right as 

I'm thinking an h20 based intercooler sprayer with windshield nozzle
sprayers. (regarding to HIGH ambient temps recently (gag), perhaps a
radiator or ac condensor sprayer wouldn't be bad either)

>600something hp.  Twin turbos, water-to-air intercooler, with 12 

Was that not the most insane thing ever invented?! Sweet jesus, they
couldn't even dyno it without the tranny starting to fry.

>electrically-chilled(peltier device?) ice-chest to hold water to cool 

I thought it was just one of those coolers they sell in..Herringtons and
that sort of catalog, that plug in & keep pop cool.. I spose that's work
just fine though. I have no idea where to begin thinking about an Audi
application, though.
[ brooks@frii.com    '89.5 200Q @ 1.8 bar for summertime]