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Re: yikes! melted/charred rad. fan connector!

> My car was running warmer than I prefer, consistently two spaces away from
> "H".  Now that I'm in Arizona, I'm concerned that sitting in traffic with
> the A/C on will put some heavy demands on my cooling system.  I just want
> to make sure it's up to it.
> I heard the 5k fan motors are pretty intense, so I figured that would be
> an upgrade.  Plus, if I ever get a turbo in there, I'd already have a
> beefy cooling system. (the turbos do demand more cooling ability,
> right?)
> I didn't know the 4kq's have a 5 bladed fan as opposed to a 3 bladed
> one.
> That's interesting, now I would like to get a 4kq fan for my Coupe.
> I would like to have an extra reserve of everything, like cooling
> capacity (and horsepower!).
> Thankfully, my car does seem to be running cooler than it was just
> prior to my discovering and temporarily fixing the fan motor
> connector problem.  (since I fixed the connector, it stays around
> the halfway point most of the time)

Sounds like your problem is solved, doesn't it?  If it really was
running *too* hot all the time, it would be the thermostat you would
want to change, not the fan motor.

have you looked into bigger radiators?
Huw Powell