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Archival of BTDT's & FAQ's

Is there any way that we could set up an email address to CC: to when
posing BT(doing that) stories & information needed over and over; then have
the info available on the web? That way we could eliminate archives of
general discussion, and focus on 'how do I fix xxx' situations.

We could get really fancy, and set up sections dealing with, I dunno,
electronics, mechanics, engine, interior, or whatever seems relevant. Then
have a couple of volunteers to seperate out the different sections' threads
from the 'raw' data.

Personally, I have no problems being a 'sorter', but I have as much
experience with HTML as I do with getting stripped wastegate nuts off. And
I hate coding. I hate it. It's a tool of satan.

Comments? Anyone who's got some real interest in setting something like
this up, let's get together EMAIL so we don't plug up the list with 'well,
lets set up a valve section, not a lifter section, ok?' sort of things. 

I dunno if my .sig is working - brooks@frii.com 
[ brooks@frii.com    '89.5 200Q @ 1.8 bar for summertime]