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update on mom and the 4kq

Still don't have much time to type, but here's the scoop.
On Friday, I left the 4kq at Mom's, drove my sister's GLI to
the repair shop and took the train from there to Boston.
In Boston, I bought a very nice 87 Coupe GT comm. edt, in white,
one owner 90k miles.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do
with an extra car, but it sounded too good to pass up.

Yesterday Mom was headed up my way so I asked her to drive my
4kq up.  En route, she stopped at her friend's house, who
lives on a VERY steep hill.  What happened next is a bit uncertain,
but my guess is that she parked the car but put it in a forward gear,
not reverse.  The parking brake does not hold very well since one of
the rear ebrake pieces is weak, and the car started to roll.
She hopped back in but her left foot was out.  She pulled up on
the ebrake, tried the footbrake (shades of UI - must have missed
the pedal...) but couldn't stop the car.  So she decided to turn
the wheel toward the curb (right side) to slow it, but instead the 
car climbed up and tipped over on the left side, atop her foot.

She was pinned under it for about 20 mins while the cops and EMTs
cut out the windshield and ripped (my guess) the sunroof off so 
she could get some air.  Miraculously, only her toes are broken.
It could have been much, much worse.

For you locals, the picture at the bottom right front page of the
Gannett paper is Mom.  Notice the reflection of the EMT in the
hood - I spent 6 hours detailing the car a couple of weeks ago... :)

I'll have the car sometime tomorrow.  The tow place claimed it had 
been "running upside down with no oil in it".  Not sure if this is
a troll (oh yeah, we could put a motor in that for you) or if he's
just mistaken - the car was not running, and the cops said some oil
leaked out but not a lot.  I'll decide then what to do with it.

At least I didn't have to spend the weekend installing those rear
shocks and diff mounts I was going to do...
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