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5KS Clunking on Turns-Help

I have a problem that I thought was CV joint related.  I recently replaced
the R outer CV joint (from GPR) b/c the boot was torn and the joint itself
was the original. Then a few months later my car made clunk-clunk-clunk on
extreme left turns. I thought at first it could be CV related but bad CV
noises are usually clicking sounds?
I looked under the car and the L inner CV boot was
cracked so I replaced the entire axle with a used unit (car has 190K
miles).  But I still have the clunking noise and it's driving me crazy.
Is it the balljoint?  In the past 1.5 yrs I have replaced the tie rods,
rack and front bearing and L hub. Is the clunking Bushing related or
balljoint-both never replaced. If the balljoint, do I have to do the whole
arm or replace just the bjoint. Suppliers?  TIA 

Rich Romero
90 V8Q
86 5KS