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Greeting Q list!!
After a long search for a "used good looking 20v audi car" finally I got it!!! but some terrible happed after
a month a use...My father told me that if he can used my car and I said yes(why not it's my father)..well my
father goes that sunday to saw my grandfather...when suddenly he have a heart attack he crash my car..and well
thank's GOD he still alive...but he have some fracture in left arm and some other thing...
People on this helpfull list..need your help!!!
my car have a serious damage!!
lost me engine because in this accident my father crash with a wall...and the oil line broke some fire destroy
the wiring that it's dificult and time consuming to repair...the engine was broke on a/c compressor
area..destroy the a/c line...the exhaust manifold broke between conecting down pipe....almost lose
well need this if some one could help me...
need: completed engine..wiring harnees and ECM...fuse box etc..(only to put this engine to run)
the engine that I need is a 20v from a coupe 1991
the mileage doesn't matter..
Thank for your help and cooperation!!!
you can emai me or send to q' list...
thanks again..