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Re: intensive washer systems(those who have it, read.)

>From: Brett Dikeman <brett@pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net>

>I'm wondering what's involved in adding the 
>intensive washer system to my 200q.  I've seen 
>pictures of the different stalk(the wiper switch has 
>a big button on the front) and the second tank, 

  I've got it on the V8Q, pretty useless except when 
  I was having a problem with the headlight wiper
  staying on after using the regular windshield 
  washer.  Pushing the "intensive" washer button
  won't activate the headlamp wipers, just the
  windshield wipers.  One thing I learned, if you
  want people to get out of your way at night, turn
  on the headlight wipers at night, it looks just 
   like the blinking lights on the front of police
   cars to the slugs in the left lane.


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