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Re: Re: Request info......

Mik's Mail writes:
> Is there a 4 cylinder, 80 or 90 series, US version, that has a larger than
> 10 gallon tank?
> Canadian versions?  Knowing Audi........ there is probably one somewhere on
> the planet!

The 1988-89 Audi 80/90 series for North America has a 17.9 gallon
fuel tank in front drive versions, and a 18.5 gallon tank in quattro
versions.  1991 80 FWD has a 15.9 gallon tank.  This is all according
to my Audi brochures.

I don't think Audi ever used a 10 gallon tank in the 80/90 series cars.
Could it be that your fuel gauge is reading empty when it really isn't?
Also, are you referring to U.S. gallons or Imperial gallons?  Makes a
big difference...

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