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Re: Brooks' fool additive

Click http://www.team.net/sol/tech/octane_b.html for more info (the whole
team.net site has pretty good general car info).  

At 06:15 AM 7/5/1998 , you wrote:
>Allright! I decided that 108 octane gas at $3.50 a gallon (for off public
>roads only) was a little prohibitive for me. Being the cheap ass that I am,
>I've embarked on a trip to create some affordable octane booster. Looking
>at a few bottles, and reading the gasoline FAQ, and a little CW, here's
>what I've come up with.
>1) ~18-20 Gallons 91 octane pump gas
>2) a. 50ml 'Marvel Mystery Oil'
>   b. 350ml Tolulene
>   c. 350ml White gas (to dilute the mixture)
>And, amazingly enough, it seems to work. Well, at least it is not
>detremental to the Anti Knock Index, as far as I can tell.
>How does that make you feel? Am I doing a Bad Thing?
>I thought tolulene burned cleanly, but it burns with a nasty black smoke..
>is that a unsaturated hydrocarbon?
>Since the tolulene seems to burn a little dirty, I'm thinking of trying
>methanol. Methanol is preferable for some other reasons as well. I'll use
>the left over tolulene for acid/base extractions of organic chemicals &

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