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Fwd: Headlight brilliance

You wrote:
>I am unsure why so much bandwidth is devoted to euro-lights v. usa
>lights v. H1's v. H4's, etc.  When I bought my 86 4kcsq about a year and
>a half ago, I was not a Quattro subscriber, thus knew nothing of this
>thread.  I picked the car up from the previous owner after dark,
>however, and immediately that the headlights didn't illiminate up ahead
>"worth Jack." I assumed that whomever last adjusted them messed up and
>pointed them too low.  I got my tools out and re-adjusted them upwards
>until I was happy with the low-beam performance.  At high-beam they are
>better than low-beam, which is appropriate.  Now that I have "read the
>thread(s)" and understand the allegations of deficient German
>Engineering(?) as respects this aspect of Audi's, I suspect I may have
>over-adjusted the lights just after I bought the car.  If, when the car
>is inspected next month, the lights are discovered to be aimed too high,
>I will notice the number of "turns" taken off the adjuster screws, and
>promptly put them back on when I get the car home.  When I have the
>opportunity and spare cash to put into driving lights, I will attempt to
>install them below the bumper, hopefully within an opening in the air
>dam.  Until then, I will let my screwdriver make the necessary change
>rather than my check-book for euro-lights.


Please don't complain to your insurance company when you blind someone the
"with-lights-are-discovered-to-be-aimed-too-high that
ut-them-back-on-when-I-get-the-car-home" and they drive into your Audi or
run their vehicle off the road after they missed a turn because of your
cavalier attitude.  Please don't complain that "due to the fog that seemed
so thick one night you couldn't see the road and crashed the car into a
tree killing your passenger".  Your screwdriver adjusted the lights so on
"low" beam the "cut" allowed too much reflection from the fog to blind you.
 Its your fault.  I hope I don't meet you in any of these conditions.
Golden screwdriver types such as you are the reason that this type of
accident occurs.  If you can't afford the proper solution, PARK the car!
Please refrain from attempting to make us or yourself a statistic.