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Re: drunks et al

Addressed to: Lee Levitt <wheelman@shore.net>

** Reply to note from Lee Levitt <wheelman@shore.net> Mon, 06 Jul 1998 20:39:15 -0400
> I've called other reckless drivers and drunks in, but have never seen the
> results (car pulled over). But I'll keep doing it.
One day in the mid-70s, I was hitchhiking from Oakland to San Francisco over
the Bay Bridge. A guy picked me up and freely admitted to being drunk within
30 seconds or so! We were still on surface streets heading towards the
bridge, so I got out and ran at the next stop light.

In hindsight, I should have called 911 and turned him in. I just plain
didn't think to do it, and I regret it.