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Re: drunks et al


An extremely tired driver can be just as bad as a drunk one.  They
produce the same effect.  Slow motor skills and the risk of passing out
behind the wheel.

I used to drive back and forth from home to school late at night.  Long,
and very boring drive and I would get very tired.  So, as a safety
measure, I always keep a box of Vivarin in the car!  Sounds stupid, but
if I got real tired, I'd pull off the highway, grab a cup of coffee and
down a Vivarin.  I was as good as new in no time.

If your driving and your having to slap yourself to stay awake, pull
over, grab some coffee, or get a motel room.  It's just not worth it.
Way too many people (even many who never drink) are killed every year of
fatigue while driving.