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RE: radiator neck revisited

My observation:
Failure of the plastic neck is an indication that the plastic is
deteriorating and failure at other points, i.e. plastic to aluminum
seal, will occur soon.  The plastic used gets brittle with age.
Happened to me on two plastic radiators.  I was cheap and patched
instead of replaced.   Most recently replaced the radiator on my 5kcst
with a CSF brass replacement.  Abrupt radiator failure on the highway is
not something I enjoy.


>Date: Mon, 6 Jul 1998 18:43:19 -0400
>From: kavanagh@kodak.com (David Kavanagh staff)
>Subject: radiator neck revisited

>It looks like I'm going to try epoxying some thin-walled 1 inch pipe
>into the broken radiator neck. That used radiator I put in isn't
>it (pinhole leak that Alumaseal won't fix). I can't find the note from 
>the kind gentleman who detailed his experiences with this repair. I'm
>sending this out in-case I can't locate it in the archives. Anyone?

>Thanks in advance,


PS. I only use a pinch of Alumaseal at a time (tried 3 times).