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Rolling Dyno Question

To our friendly CT listers,

I know there was thread a few months back about "rolling dyno emmissions
I beleive that the consensus was that wherever there was this type of
testing, it utalized a 2 wheel chassis dyno, therefore making our
quattros exempt (!)

I need to program the electronic fuel injection on my 4kTQ, and it seems
to me the best way to do so is to remove the motor from the car and put
it on an engine dyno, as a two wheel drive chassis dyno can't do the job
properly, even if you do remove one of the driveshafts.

The point is this: A friend of mine in CT says that they have the fabled
"rolling dyno emmissions testing" and they use _four wheel_ dynos! Is
this true? I thought that there were no four wheel dynos this side of
the atlantic (or pacific, for that matter)
What is the deal? Are there actually an abundance of 4wd dynos in CT or
is my friend "regrettably misinformed"???
Someone please confirm!

ps, I am not on the qlist, so please email me directly,
* Ramana Lagemann
* Cohasset, MA
* 1990 CoupeQ20V
* http://www.20v.net
* mailto:elmool@mediaone.net