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Re: V8 5 Speed the best Quattro ever made

MSV96@aol.com wrote:

> Seems the only "bad things" I have heard (about the V8 5spd
> q) are from 91 200q owners...hmmm.

> Could it be latant V8 envy? ;-)

In my case? Absolutely!  I went up Pikes Peak in Ingo Rautenberg's V8 lastyear,
and was totally impressed. Far more rigid than my car, better build quality,
and wonderful engine sounds. (His car had 170K+ on the clock at the time, and
had 60K or so!)

IMHO, it's the only Audi I've been in that ranks with Mercedes
in build quality. (Now I've really gone and done it, haven't I?)


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