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re: 86 5000S Front Struts

Dave G. wrote:
>HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!
 > The allen slot at the top of the strut is now stripped out.  Any
>suggestions, info or miracles welcome.  I would like to work on them
>this evening.  HELP ME !!!!!!!!

You are trying to remove the old struts, right?
You've stripped the hex on >top< of the old strut rod, right?

Reach in thru the spring with a small pipe wrench and grab the shiny rod
good and tight.  Unscrew the top nut while you are holding the shaft.  

This will leave ugly gouges in the shiny shaft but it was going in the
trash anyway, right?
>DON't< use this trick on the new strut, btw.

You could also try vise grips but a pipe wrench will work better.

I've heard that an air impact wrench will work to loosen the top nut with
nothing but inertia to hold the shaft from turning. 
 Alas, I don't have one of these marvelous tools so can't speak from
personal experience.

Dave C.
Columbus, OH