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86 5000S Front Struts

"Golda, David" <DGolda@metropo.mccneb.edu> wrote:

                I wanted to replace the cartridges in my front struts
this weekend following the Bentley Book etc. etc.  and all I have to
show for it is a half empty bottle of Tylenol.  Was able to get the
plastic strut cover off easy enough but only headaches after that.  The
allen slot at the top of the strut is now stripped out.  Any
suggestions, info or miracles welcome.  I would like to work on them
this evening.  HELP ME !!!!!!!!

A high torque air impact gun is your only solution.
And Dave, don't use that 1/4" Allen wrench next time, it's 7mm ;-)

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ -- 18psi (TAP)
'98 A4TQ -- mostly stock
Philadelphia, PA