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Re: Audi ad in WSJ

In a message dated 7/8/98 "Richard Haroutunian" <Richard_Haroutunian@inso.com>

<< My 5KCS TQ seems to be some type of 'limited edition' and I was wondering
if you knew about them.

It's the pearl color, but it has the Fuchs Porsche-type rally ruims that
appear on the Ur and Sport Quatttros (I think!) back in the 80s.  I have
only seen one other car (5ktq) with these rims -- anyway, it also has a
sticker above the right rear triangular back window -- above the 'quattro'
decal that says 'Audi Sport -- Winner 1998 Trans Am ally' or something to
that affect and it has the Audi Sport emblem in grey and brown -- the
rectangle that look like it's shifted sideways like the S4 emblem.

Do you know if this denotes any special edition Quattro? >>

Not really a "special edition" per say. Remember that when your car was new
the 5ktq was the top of the line Audi here in the US. Yours has "all the toys"
by the sounds of it. Does it also have sport seats? The Fuchs wheels were
certainly an option, I am curious if they were part of an "option package" of
some sort. Anyone have a list of option codes for the 5kcstq?

I am pretty sure there are no variations in hood designs of US model 5ktq's
and 200q's.

The decals you describe were available at US Audi dealers from free off the
literature racks back in the late 80's. At one time every Audi I owned got 'em
in the rear quarter windows and I had a stack of 'em. I keep hoping I will run
across some to put on my current q...but like so many things after a divorce
and two home moves, prolly gone or never to be found. Both car owners and
dealers put these decals on. HTH

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq