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S4 for sale in D.C. area


For anyone interested, a '93 S4 was listed for sale this past weekend in
the Washington Post.  Apparently, the owner bought a '98 A4 2.8 because he
commutes only a short distance in stop-and-go driving everyday.  Anyway, he
left the car at a dealership when he picked up the A4 and a friend and I
were able to take a look at it.  We didn't drive it.  Some details:

41K miles,
looks like recent tires (D40M2) and brakes,
undercarriage looks really clean,
scratch on the rear bumper where it wraps around the passenger side and a
small ding on the quarter-panel above it just behind the wheel.
asking $23.5

If anyone is interested, I can follow-up and get more info.  My dad thought
about it for a second, but decided he's too old to drive a stick and will
stick with his V8.

As usual, I have no interest in this car, don't know the owner, etc, etc.

'93 S4
'85 urq