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Drunk Driving

Dear List,
Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other mind bending
substance is just plain stupid.  With the exception of the honest Mr.
Payne, I submit that those who responded to the DUI thread . . .
People in glass houses should not throw stones.

Further to this thought, I submit that while drunk driving is a
continuing problem (at least here in the US), a more frightening problem
is road rage drivers.  Case in point.  On Monday, while driving home
from JFK airport at 23:30 on the Southern State Parkway (NY State
highway), I was witness to at least 15 vehicles that drove way in excess
of the speed limit and for the most part were driven in a perilous
manner.  Now I'm crusin' at 60-65 in the old 100, and very capable of
taking this twisting road at maybe 40MPH above the speed limit, but I
stay at the limit (+5-8MPH), because from experience I know that passing
one of these off-the-wall-would-be-racers would only precipitate an

While I do not condone drinking and driving, I submit the far greater
problem on the roads today and probably in the future are those drivers
with under achievement, inferiority and/or God knows what complexes.

At least the drunks are noticeable.

Drive safely and as we used to say in the "crotch", don't let Mack
Marine ram the bat up your as*.

Best to all,
MJ Murphy