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Re: Drunk Driving

limit +5 to 8 mph? get out of the wa......Never mind.

Michael Murphy wrote:

> Dear List,
> Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other mind bending
> substance is just plain stupid.  With the exception of the honest Mr.
> Payne, I submit that those who responded to the DUI thread . . .
> People in glass houses should not throw stones.
> Further to this thought, I submit that while drunk driving is a
> continuing problem (at least here in the US), a more frightening problem
> is road rage drivers.  Case in point.  On Monday, while driving home
> from JFK airport at 23:30 on the Southern State Parkway (NY State
> highway), I was witness to at least 15 vehicles that drove way in excess
> of the speed limit and for the most part were driven in a perilous
> manner.  Now I'm crusin' at 60-65 in the old 100, and very capable of
> taking this twisting road at maybe 40MPH above the speed limit, but I
> stay at the limit (+5-8MPH), because from experience I know that passing
> one of these off-the-wall-would-be-racers would only precipitate an
> altercation.
> While I do not condone drinking and driving, I submit the far greater
> problem on the roads today and probably in the future are those drivers
> with under achievement, inferiority and/or God knows what complexes.
> At least the drunks are noticeable.
> Drive safely and as we used to say in the "crotch", don't let Mack
> Marine ram the bat up your as*.
> Best to all,
> MJ Murphy