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Re: Michelin

>The more I read this list & check the archives, the more I find negative
>about Michelin.  Are they just bad for Audis?  Quattros?
To a certain extent, cars are cars and tires are tires.  People often loose
sight of this fact when talking about their audis.

>BTW, I paid $400 for a set (w/install) a couple months ago and am quite
Well, you'd be rather unhappy to know that it costs MIchellin something
like $15-20 to make one of those tires.

That's the reason why many new cars come with them.  Not because they're
good tires, but because they're decent and cost next to nothing for the car
company.  They're standard on Chrysler Town&Countrys, many new Audi models,
the Volvo 960, and a bunch of others.

They're in general very lousy-traction tires(something quattro owners are
less likely to notice.)  In wet weather they slip all over the place; in
snow they're virtually useless.

We lost a set on a curb on the Volvo, and replaced them with D60's, and the
difference in handling, traction, etc. was remarkably improved(though, of
course, they were brand-spankin new tires.)


Brett Dikeman
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