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Re: Re[2]: 944 Turbo S Prices

If you put $32K down adjusted for today's dollars you would have one
heck of a nice car seeing as your money just about doubles every 10
years at 7% compounded annually and we are talking 16 years.

So you ask, "what kind of car payment is that?"  This must be the
$64,000+ question.

Mark Pollan, '86 5KCSTQ 

Date: Thu, 09 Jul 1998 20:26 -0400 (EDT)
From: Richard Beels <beels@technologist.com>
To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
Sender: owner-quattro@coimbra.ans.net
Subject: Re: Re[2]: 944 Turbo S Prices

Let's see.....  

48K over 16 years = $3000 per year or $250 per month.  I've never financed
a car in my life.  What kind of car payment is that?

At 07:29 PM 7/9/1998 , you wrote:
>Believe me, I wish it weren't so.  I have a 140k mile '82 Audi turbo
>quattro coupe with receipts totaling almost $80,000 (including the $32,000
>original cost of the car) that's only worth $7k according to KBB!

    88 90Q - <insert pithy witticism here>
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