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Re: 1990 Audi 80 (was "Thinking of Purchasing")

At 09:49 AM 7/10/1998 , you wrote:
>great.  The top and the trunk lid are suffering from clearcoat failure,
>and the rest of the car looks as though it were painted with a brush.
I've seen many 88 90s that have this.  Looks like either a factory problem
or too many non-brushless car washes (most are front to back lines).  And
yes, mine has the same problem... <sigh>

>So far, I replaced the spark plugs, the air filter, fuel filter, and
>flushed the coolant.  CV boots looked good.
Check the plug wires & vac/rad hoses.  Change the brake fluid , PS fluid
(Pentosin green mineral hydraulic fluid ONLY) and trans fluid.  Trans is
probably worn out as the additive package to the oil has probably oxidized
away.  Brake fluid absorbs moisture and this causes its boiling temp to
lower.  Pentosin is probably dirty but it doesn't absorb water.  Easiest
way to replace is to turkey baster all you can out of the reservoir and the
refill it.  Do this a couple times with a week or two in between flushings
or until it comes out all nice and green (unless the car already has the
red synthetic oil, then use that ONLY).

>3.  Is there a Bentley service manual for this car?  I found no Haynes
>manual and don't know if I should look for a Bentley or just get the
>Chilton's.  Which is better?
Bentley.  Only the Bentley.   Thank God there's no Haynes to screw people
up.  It's around $100 and I got mine at All-European Auto (800) ALL-EURO.
Tell Rotem I sent you...

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