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1990 Audi 80 (was "Thinking of Purchasing")

I just wanted to thank everyone for their advice on the Audi 80 I was
purchasing in Miami and driving 650+ miles back to Atlanta.

1st of all, the mileage was correct.  The car had been sitting around
about a year at this body shop because the owner defaulted on his
payments for the car while it was there and there were questions as to
who was paying for the repairs.  In the end, the finance company just
gave the car to the body shop.  BTW, it had a new left front fender,
front bumper, and the hood had been fixed and repainted.  Sounds like a
minor fender bender to me (I hope at least).  Since it had been sitting
so long, we had a bit of trouble getting it to run.  This was not a good
sign to me.  However, since he had lots of replacement parts left from
the front end that was purchased for parts, we were able to fit a new
airflow meter on the car so that it would run.  The old one was shot due
to the gasoline sitting in it so long and turning to varnish.  Now I'm 2
bottles of Techron later, and the car seems to run very well.  The
interior looks like shit, it needs a good detailng.  Also, the body is
in less than desireable condition.  The shop had painted the hood, left
fender, and bumper.  This is where the good paind work ends.  The rest
of the car has received a "cheapie" paint job and does not look that
great.  The top and the trunk lid are suffering from clearcoat failure,
and the rest of the car looks as though it were painted with a brush.
The passenger side rear door is full of bondo and looks it.  I have to
keep telling myself, this is for my fiance' and she won't even notice
these minor imperfections as I would, much lesss care about them.  She
just needs good transportation for the next few years and would like to
have four rings on the grille.

So far, I replaced the spark plugs, the air filter, fuel filter, and
flushed the coolant.  CV boots looked good.

A couple of questions about this car if anyone is familiar with the Audi
80 4cyl:

1.  The car seems to idle high and rough at close to 1000 RPMs.  What is
the proper idle speed and should I adjust it using the idle screw?

2.  What else should I do to a car that has been sitting so long?  Is
draining & replacing the auto trans. fluid in order?  Same thing with
brake fluid?  How about the power steering fluid--does it go bad if it's
just sitting?

3.  Is there a Bentley service manual for this car?  I found no Haynes
manual and don't know if I should look for a Bentley or just get the
Chilton's.  Which is better?

Thanks in advance for all your help,
'97 A4ta
'90 80a