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AudiCar Registry and Classifieds now at A4.Org

Wanted to let all of you guys know that the Registry and Classifieds
that used to be at AudiCar (www.audicar.com) are now at A4.Org

If you have registered your car at AudiCar in the past or placed a
classified ad in the past, all of your information is still intact. You
can use your existing username and password to retrieve your registry
page. Please note that we will be changing the "look" of the registry
and classifieds to make them look like part of A4.Org, so it is possible
that parts may be off line for short periods of time. We should have
that complete in the next few weeks.

Also, we will be adding a bulletin board for non-A4 models in the near
future, you are all welcome to participate in that when it is online.

You can find the Registry and Classifieds at the following links:


If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to ask. If you
have forgotten your username/password, you can email my self or Neil
McGarry at: neilm@a4.org . Please give us your complete name as it
appears on your registry page so we can match it up correctly.

Matt Daniels
'93 90S, 60k