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Funky Volatge on 200tq


If you don't have a multimeter, get one :-) or better yet if you plan to
make your own repairs get a SunPro... somebody help here... 7680 ? model 
digital meter

Amongst other stuff It has 5 cyl dwell/Tach on it....

Hook it up to the battery under the seat and place the readout between the 
front seats.  Get a friend to monitor the voltage whilst you go for a cruise.....

The voltage thru the A/C controller fluctuates quite a bit on both my cars 
89 100 avant and 90 V8......

If it still fluctuates, you can first try monitoring voltage at the jumpstart
terminal, if still fluctuate, monitor directly on alternator.  BE CAREFULL WHEN

Let me know what happens :-)

Mike L.

P.S.  This is speaking from many BTDT on alternator/battery problems....

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