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RE: Anyone going to Watkins Glen July 13-14??

*****Attention all you single Quattro owners*****

This is a MAJOR babe alert.  Hard driving, Q loving, and _female_.  Make
a nice partner at all Q events.  And if she drives better than you it
will expand the amount of performance bragging rights (read: BullSh!t)
that you (as we all do) ascribe to your Q.  

Good Luck Gentlemen

This E-Mail will self destruct in 5 seconds...
(nomex on in case it doesn't)

> As to personals, I am female, 5'7", 132 lbs, have done the SCCA
> Competition Drivers School at Moroso (June, '98), Porsche Club Driving
> School at Homestead (January, '96), Skip Barber 3 Day Formula Ford
> Drivers School at Sebring (April '92 or '93, I forget) and was
> Regional
> Class Champion (HS) for SCCA Solo II '92 and '93 in the Buccaneer
> Region.  And I am not a dog.
> Oh yeah, and I am trying to get a chance to drive for Ivor Wigham from
> TAP who is going to be an instructor there...he's putting together a
> female quattro race team, and I want to be on it!!!!  And I'll through
> in $100 for tire wear, or whatever is reasonable.
> Let me know...PLEASE.
> Lindsey B.