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FREE 5k/4k parts!

It's time to part with my two parts cars -- an '87 5k and '81 4k -- and I've
set myself a deadline of August 1st to get what pieces I plan to keep off of

It's my intention to haul them over to the nearest salvage yard and "donate"
whatever's left at that point ... if you want something off either one and
can remove it yourself, you're welcome to it.  I don't have the time to pick
parts off and/or to sell them so I have decided to make them available to my
internet-buddies on the Q-list ... if you are looking for a particular part
or want the details about when and where the cars will be available, drop me
a note.  At the moment, they are located just off 16th Street, south of the
I-10 freeway, in Phoenix, Arizona.

(P.S.: I'm keeping the 2.3L motor out of the 5k but most of the rest will be
available; at present, I'm not planning on keeping anything from the 4k.)
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