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Re: Eurolights-battery post

I found that the windshield fluid bottle fit fine.  I moved the battery post
back to the front edge of the airfilter box.  I used two screws to secure it
after removing a small ridge in the front of the airfilter box.  Looks
stock, everything is in the right place, and it took five minutes.

Dave Puterbaugh
1991 200q
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Date: Wednesday, July 08, 1998 5:27 AM
Subject: Re: Eurolights-battery post

>> > I recall that the engine compartment auxiliary
>> >battery terminal (+) is in the way due to the deeper profile of the
>> >Has anyone found a reasonable new home for this?
>Don't need to.
>In my 100Q, the euros don't clear the windshield washer fluid
>bottle, so I relocated that to the old holder on the firewall.
>The battery post can stay. I just took the original bottle out,
>and had at it with a hacksaw, leaving the post and enough plastic
>to hold it in place firmly and bolt onto the chassis.
>There isn't much choice in relocating this, since there isn't
>any slack in the cable. Bolting it directly to the frame would
>seem to be a *B*A*D* idea....
>E-mail me direct if you'd like more information.
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