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Re: VW wheel offsets (somewhat off subject)

They're 4X100's.  I bought some GTI/Cabrio 7 spoke rims for my `82 Coupe
and fit fine.  Sold the car, then bought a `86 Coupe GT.  Purchased the
same rims, (really like the style on Audi's for some reason).  Find out
out the hard way that pretty much all VW 4 spoke rims of that time are
4X100.  Audi had switched to using _4X108_.  Whoops.


On Sat, 11 Jul 1998 19:41:30 -0400 PN <pajono@compsol.net> writes:
>Anyone know the offset and width on late 80's VW wheels (ie tear 
>cabrio 7 spokes...)? They're all 4x100 as well, right? A guy near here 
>apparently has many sets of all different kinds of VW wheels for $150, 
>I'd like to put some on my MR2.
>91 GLI
>87 Audi 4kcsq

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