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Re: cameraderie?


Most people don't seem to have a clue what my Coupe is.  Many are very
surprised to hear that it's 11 years old.  I guess that's a good thing. 
Those that don't respond to you in the Coupe would probably be equally
oblivious if you and they happened to be in Alfa's.  I have come to
realize that the major appeal of my car to me is that it is a great car;
as many are, but it is also a great car that I don't see often, in fact
rarely.  I guess it satisfies a desire to be a bit different.  That might
also explain my goatee (at least that was the case originally).  The head
happened naturally in my case...  ;-)  Now wouldn't we feel silly if we
lived in the same town?

Keep the Coupe.

Ed Kellock ................... Greenville, SC  USA
91 200q avant .......... 87 Coupe GT

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