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CAMARADERIE in the Bay Area

This message is from Howard Dinits 

Hello Fellow Quattro owners,

Today I am writing because I am curious how many listers there are in the San
Francisco bay area?  I would like to plan an event for us Quattro lovers in
the bay area to show our spirit to the rest of the country. Of course everyone
is invited. The bay area is huge and I keep seeing more and more Quattros
popping up everywhere. I remember when I had the only Quattro in the
neighborhood now there are three others on my block. I believe in this time of
uncertainty there is one thing we all agree on and that is we all drive really
cool cars that have the "Unfair Advantage." So if you are in the bay area or
are interested in coming to the bay area for a Quattro event please E-mail me
privately at AQUATTRO4U@aol.com 
My everyday car is a Nautical Blue '88 5000TQ with Intended Acceleration, K&N
My girlfriends car a Silver '86 4000Q and her mom drives a Pearl White '95 A6
Before they new me they drove Toyotas!  
								Howard Dinits