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> I have owned many different margues, and found the "thumbs up" etc to be less
> frequent as well. Austin Healey's in the early 70's was probably the most
> ever.

I came up behind a mid-80s Coupe GT with four or five adult male
passengers a while back, on the A46 Coventry ring road.  This is
three-lane, wide (by our standards) and concrete - most of the traffic
is moving along pretty smartly.  I was moving a little more smartly
than most, and the car was clean (unusual).  The entire contents of
this Coupe GT erupted as I approached, and started waving and cheering
like a football crowd.  We were just approaching a traffic island, so
I treated them to a display of the "party trick" as I passed them on the
island.  I could see them in the mirror, piling onto the driver to get
him to try and keep up in the traffic.

 Phil Payne
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