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Re: Galvanized body panels

>Just had our '89 200 Quattro in to the dealer body shop  to get an
>estimate for replacing the rear fender. When  I asked about the
>replacement part being galvanized, he said the fenders aren't galvanized
>and he wasn't sure which if any panels were galvanized. I've read many
>times that Audi uses galvanized body panels. Which ones are galvanized?

The Audi panels and frame are ALWAYS galvanized.  The ONLY exception is the
all-aluminium body A8 and the 1983-84 and younger cars.  Starting around
there, the entire frame is hot-galvanized.

DO NOT replace the panel with a non-galvanized panel.  By law in many
states, insurance companies MUST replace damage with _original_, factory
parts if you request it and they are available.

Come to think of it, you won't be able to find a non-galvanized body panel;
all type 44's are(it was one of the hallmarks of the design when it was

Funny that so many car companies still don't believe in it.  That's why
you'll see a 1987 5000 in damn good condition and a 1987 Ford Taurus with
several large chunks missing, sitting next to it.  It's also why people
will stop you in the parking lot and say, "hey, how old is that?  3 years?"
"get outta here!"

91 200q 20v
87 5kCST(!-For Sale-!)

Brett Dikeman
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