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Re: .

Cyclepimp@aol.com wrote:
> yesterday, i purchased a 86 GT Coupe, and while trying to get the antenna
> to receive a signal, I somehow did something to the turning flasher
> lights.... my point is that when i DON'T have the keys in the ignition, a
> peizo buzzer sound along with the green turning lights <on the dash
> panel> flash..... what did i do, and how can i fix it? that's cool if you
> don't know, anyways.... thanks for your time...... any suggestions or
> replies are greatlt appreciated....


Did you inadvertantly hit the hazard button on the dash?  My hazards will
make that noise for some reason, due to the relay not getting enough

It's not related to the antenna, but maybe the problem isn't.

Good luck,


p.s.  How do I fix my hazards so's not to do this?