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RE: sprongle, 10v vs. 20v

>I'm sure i'll get blasted by veteran rally types, but why doesn't the
>sprongl car use a 20v?  if it's rules-based, why doesn't the team use a
>20v car?  is it reliability-based, or am i mistaken and it is in fact a

Sprongl does in fact use a 10vt, but it ain't your average ol' MC motor.
The motor in his car is a full Group B 2.1L 10vt out of an A2 factory rally
car.  Frank used to run an A2 prior to building the S2, so he had all the
drivetrain and engine parts.  I asked Frank that very question regarding why
he doesn't run the 20vt, and he said he felt the the 10vt had plenty of
power, is lighter than the 20v, and parts are more available (and cheaper).
He still has his motors rebuilt by Hans Lehmann in Germany.

On another interesting note, Frank told me that he has a brand new '94 S2
Gr. A factory rally car in a storage building in Canada.  He wants $100K for
it OBO (that was several months ago).

-mark nelson

'90 S2 (Building for SCCA PRO Rally)
'90 CQ