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Mystery cam

In message <933713F1FB7BD111AC2300A0C98F1AD10102BCF8@MILXPR06> "Buchholz, Steven" writes:

> ... well ... as was discussed on the list some time back, it certainly
> appears that the cam for the MC engine is identical to that of the
> high-compression NA 2.3 liter engine.  I did confirm this with both the 5000
> and 100/200 Bentleys (NOTE: The high compression MC in the late '89-'90 200Q
> is different).  I realized that I had the fiche for all the cars, so I
> looked it up.  Sure enough the NF and early MC engines all use the same cam
> (034 109 021 K) while the later MC's use (034 109 021 AK) and the normally
> aspirated KZ engine uses 034 109 021 P.
> Seems like Audi thought that the cam worked fine in both turbos and NAs ...
> what it will do in a 4k's JT engine I can't _yet_ say ...

No, it _doesn't_ help, Steve.  It confuses me still further.

Your "early MC" cam (034 109 021K) is the one used in the MB engine - yet
another data point taking the MB (single knock sensor) closer to the
MC-1 (single knock sensor) and away from the MC-2.

Can it be that my suspicions were right all along - and I have the same
_cam_ as well as the same _head_ in my 1986 Passat?

 Phil Payne
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