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91 200TQ

Hello all,
I am looking at a 91 200 TQ for my father.
I have already checked the important (expensive things on it)
brake boosted, clutch, cv's, Hydraulic system, and last but not least
the cam belt. All seem good and the car does come complete with service 
records.  It is pearl whit w/grey leather interior, had 134K on it and
hit 1.8 -1.9 boos on gauge. Does this seem resonable for $9000?
Any other pointers on pre buyer inspection?

looking for a source for a good used/rebuilt  automatic transmission for 
a 1990 200T (fwd) (3 spd auto) any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Please email privately as I work to much to catch up with the list everyday.

Rich Andrews
'84 CGT
'86 4KQ (soon 4KTQ hopefully...)