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AutoCross, WAS: FW: Wrecking Yards Full of Audi's

> By now that Triumph Stag is a fire hydrant, or jungle gym somewhere.  I
> saw it a year ago, and man was it thrashed!  All that was salvagable were
> maybe the steering wheel and gauge cluster, if that.  But the Siata I saw
> was nearly intact.  _IF_ you could find spare parts for it, it could have
> lived again.  Sad, really.  They could have at least seen if the S.D.
> auto museum could've taken it.

Damn, both of those ARE a shame! Makes me wonder if some folks really
deserve certain cars????

> Well, if I'm not volunteering my time somewhere that morning, I'll be
> there.  Look for the green CGT.  Can't miss it.  Where would I find a
> calander of motoring events in San Diego, anyway?  And are there any Audi
> clubs in San Diego, as well???  Thanks!

I'll be in a White A4 1.8T, hope to meet you!

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