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Here in the Twin Cities they have this saying, "Minnesota Nice."
What a joke! I've tried to get their attention/wave at a number of
Audi drivers. Most of the time they make like they don't see you
or they have too much tunnel vision. Scott Anderson, Jonathan
Brauer, Lawrence Katzenstein, and Mark Busse have probably
had the same experiences here in the Twin Cities. There seems
to be this haughtiness in some people if they own a European
luxury car, like they are too good to acknowledge anybody
else's presence. Actually had a female roommate in college
whose parents owned a mid-80s 5k sedan, damn thing sounded
like a 2stroke motor (obviously not take care of), but she sure
thought she was something special just because her parents
owned a German luxury sedan.

I got jumped from behind once in the Military, so now I try to
always be aware of what is going on around me, especially when
driving. So if someone waves at me from an Audi, you can be sure
I will wave back. By the way, I'm a Wisconsin transplant, so I
definitely have an outsiders point-of-view on the so-called
"Minnesota Nice." (Great propoganda campaign though)

SIDE NOTE: Saw a guy in a Porsche Boxster the other day, rolled
down the window and yelled "Nice car!" He got this ear to ear
grin and yelled back "Thanks!" Said the car has great bang for the
buck,  best value per dollar he's spent on a car in a long time.

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