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Re: Easy AC FIX!

that's a pressure, not temp switch. If you are low on pressure, you need
a recharge. You risk ruining the compressor and over pressurizing the
system (dangerous).

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On Mon, 13 Jul 1998, Jagdeesh Diocee wrote:

> I've had my audi for about 4 years now, the AC has never worked.  When I
> hit the button you can hear some flaps closing, so the switch is still
> good.  I checked the fuses, but still no AC.  Well for the last 3 weeks,
> the temp has been unbearable here, I needed AC badly.  So yesterday I
> pull my car apart and start looking for something.  I read stuff about
> the magnetic clutch going bad, so I was kind of worried.  After 4 hours
> of checking circuits, here were the results:
> 	I find there is no power going to the compressor!
> 	No power in the fuse box???
> 	Kept tracing, tracing, and more tracing of wires until...
> Right by the (evaporator?), (where the water tray is on the passenger
> side inside the car), there is a temperature switch which regulates how
> often the compressor is activated.  This switch is gone bad.  I
> connected the wires directly to each other, and guess what, AC is
> working!!!  It needs a recharge, but hey, the clutch is fine, the
> compressor is fine, it was just the switch.  
> Just thought I'd let everyone know.
> Raj Diocee
> -84 4000s 5cyl, no turbo, fwd. with AC blowing!