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RE: RE: Swiss ur-quattros


Please go look at the above website.  It will be illuminating, to say the
I'm not trying to be a spoil sport.  But think about it.  You buy this
$15,000 Ur-Q.  $2,000 (ish) to import it.  Immediately get hit with duties,
fines, impound fees, etc, 'cause some 'car buff' told you this was possible.
Now this $15,000 Ur-Q is approaching $20,000.  They hold the car for 6
months, and tell you to export it back to Switzerland.  Kaching, $2,000 for
more shipping.  You now pay $22,000 for your $15,000 Ur-q.  $22,000 wil buy
you the bitchenist 1985 US spec Ur-Q you ever say (with enough left over to
fly Lufthansa first class, drinking Bernkastler-Dokter Auslesse all the way)
to visit your 1988 Euro Ur-Q.
Please be careful,

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> From: 	Lewis, Gary M
> Sent: 	Tuesday, July 14, 1998 6:11 PM
> To: 	'stanj@apple.com'
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> Subject: 	RE: RE: Swiss ur-quattros
> Stan Says:
> 	I have a friend with a Canadian Mazda, with metric gagues. So much  
> 	for that.
> Be careful with these judgements.  They can get you into very hot water.
> For example, Canadian vehicles have (as a _very_ general rule) an
> exemption.
> 	I just recently checked with the CA DMV (their web page is down  
> 	currently, but try www.dmv.ca.gov) and read all the forms and  
> 	requirements for registering an out-of-country car and have not
> heard  
> 	anything about a registered importer. At least not in CA.
> Registration is a far cry from _importing_ onto US soil.  First things
> first.  The US Gov't comes first.
> 	Here in the Valley I see quite often cars with German or Swedish  
> 	license plates. (frequently = once a week). I was also told by some
> 	local car buffs that if you get a car pass CA smog cert that you are
> 	pretty much set. It's just that you absolutely need the cat
> converter  
> 	to pass CA emissions. You will also have to change the side markers
> 	(orange to the side, not white to the front) plus pay an extra fee  
> 	for pollution ($300), but that's it.
> There are an armload full of reasons why the cars you see are here.  There
> is a 'similar to' list that states that all the cars on said list can be
> imported with few or no modifications, as they were sold abroad in US
> similar form.  The Ur-Q ain't on there.
> 	But then again, I've never done it, that's why I am posting here.  
> 	Also I don't want to make any money off it, I just want (as a Swiss
> 	citizen) to bring a car which is registered under my name in  
> 	Switzerland over here. Others have done it before, I am sure.
> You just said the magic words.  Referencing again form HS7(let me make
> this real clear: no form, no importation), look at box # 5.  It says:
> "...I am eligible to import it because:
> a. I am a nonresident of the US and the vehicle is registered in a country
> other than the US.;
> b. I am temporarily importing the vehicle for personal use for a period
> not to exceed one year, and will not sell it;
> c. I will export it not later than 1 year after entry..."
> Passport # required.
> Good Luck
> Gary