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Re: Galvanized body panels

However, my friend's 88 90Q is most definitely galvanized.  his mother 
backed into him several months ago and despite the fact that there is no 
paint on the leading edge of the hood (well not much at least) there is 
absolutely no rust whatsoever...NONE...so its galvanized.

Ahh, but my 84 CGT had a similar occurence. Bare metal for 3 months in 
the Michingan winter.. no rust. Galvanized? 

Taken from www.audi.com/java/facts/index.html

"1985 Taking off into new dimensions"
a speil about how good the cars are, and next to it a picture of a 
german 100 with a caption...
     "The fully galvanized
     bodyshells of the Audi

Just found this on the Audi of South Africa's history page
"1986: Having introduced yet another innovation - fully galvanised 
bodies that are so rust-resistant that Audi guarantees them
against corrosion for ten years - Audi was awarded the German industry's 
Innovation Prize for its ability to develop and realise
new ideas."

There have always been differences with the US cars verses the German. 
Does anyone _know_ when the first american imports were galvanized?


P.S. I coulda sworn that I saw "1984- Audi begins galvanizing all body 
panels for superior rust protection" on an Audi Corporate site, but I 
can't find it now...and I guess i was wrong.

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