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Re: Galvanized body panels

Douglas Hurst Quebbeman decided to speak these words:

>I think they started galvanizing the B-types (80/90) in 1988,
>but coul be wrong on both accounts.  -doug q

Well, you are right on this one.  I can tell you from personal experience 
with an 85 4kq, 85 coupe gt, 86 4kcsq and another 86 4kcsq that none of 
them are galvanized and from what i hear, neither is the 87.  However, my 
friend's 88 90Q is most definitely galvanized.  his mother backed into 
him several months ago and despite the fact that there is no paint on the 
leading edge of the hood (well not much at least) there is absolutely no 
rust whatsoever...NONE...so its galvanized.


Michael Sheridan Williams
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