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Re: fog lights

Check to see if you've actually tapped into a wire that gives power while
the headlight's are on.  When I put mine in, the directions had me tap
the turn signal wire.  It made it so my fogs only came on when I took
left turns!  Personally, I would  tap into one of the parking lights. 
That way you get your fogs when you turn your light switch to the first
position.  Kinda handy at dusk, when you don't really need your
headlights, but you still need something.  If that doesn't work, start
looking for things that are either loose or possibly broken.

If all else fails, take your Audi to a off-road shop, like Dick Cepek. 
They'd have any type of relay you'd need for your fogs.  Those people
know a thing or two about wiring lights, as well.  Just don't let them
talk you into getting a lift kit and light bars. [8^)  What kind of fog
lights are they?  As I remember it, the 4000's didn't come with fogs.  It
 just had these reflectors next to the turn signals that's the size of a
Bosch fog, at least on the `85's through `87's.  And you can't stick a
light in there because that's where the bumper shock attaches.  That
ticked me off.  Sorry, I'm ranting.

Also, you do know that the key has to be turned to the third position for
the headlights to even come on, right?  I don't know how well you know
your car, so I have to ask!


On Wed, 15 Jul 1998 00:33:25 EDT Cyclepimp@aol.com writes:
>hey man, i just cleaned the connection area and contact points..., no
>luck....i'm using a stock switch, im in the third pos., how would i 
>start to
>re wire them? where would i obtain a new bosch relays? i just put in 
>fuses, hey thanks  abunch if you reply and even if you don't, thanks

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