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Re: camaradarie

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>Todd is right! I've gotten no reaction to any waving or light flashing
>from any Audis here in the Twin Cities. I thought I would get some
>reaction from V8 owners since the cars are rare, but nothing there 
>The only time I had any kind of friendly reaction was from an 1993 red 
>that I've also seen at the dealer's. I found him pulled up next to my 
>in a parking lot when there were obviously other spaces around, as if 
>say "hi". We've met and discussed both cars since then, as it turns 
>our kids go to school together. On the other hand, somebody in an old 
>mouthed "ass****" at me last night as I was driving the dealer's 93 90
>loaner. I have no idea what I did to this guy, but this definitely 
>Minnesota nice.
   Any of you T.C. folks out there know of a black S4{S6?} with the 
plate WAR EGLE {I think} I used to see him around downtown St.P a couple 
of years back.  Waved to me once when I was driving the then girlfriends 
'90 V8 {she now has the 164, likes the color, red}


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